Boiler Servicing

The last thing you need, especially when the temperature starts to drop, is for your boiler to pack in. Imagine trying to keep the family happy with no heating and no hot water! So, keeping your boiler well maintained is vital.

Once we’ve installed or serviced a boiler, you will automatically be reminded of when it’s due to be serviced again. No having to keep a track of it in your calendar – we take care of it for you.

How do you know if your boiler needs servicing?

If Icon Heating did not install or previously service your boiler, it may have slipped your mind to have it checked. What are some of the tell-tail signs that your boiler is in need of some TLC from us?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms with your boiler, it is likely that it needs to be serviced.

The longer you delay booking your service, the more likely it is that your boiler can pack up. Nightmare! 

With our boiler servicing package, you get the peace-of-mind of knowing that everything has been done to help keep your boiler in tip top condition.

Booking your boiler service is easy – simply click the button below, select a date and time slot that suits you, then sit back and relax.

Boiler Service

£ 69
including VAT
  • We'll visually inspect your boiler to make sure it complies with safety regulations ​
  • Switch boiler on and make sure it's operating properly
  • Check and test all the main component: burner, heat exchanger, injectors, condensation trap and fan ​
  • Inspect electrical connections, pipework and the flue​
  • Take flue readings to make sure the boilers is burning correctly
  • Gas rate boiler to make sure it is burning the correct amount of gas ​
  • Carry out a working pressure at the gas meter and the boiler ​
  • Carry out a certificate
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